Mahmoud Hafez: I dream of participating in a film about the Suez Canal Crossing Day (Interview)

He is known for mastering the roles of evil and crime in many series, and his star has shone in recent years by participating in more than one successful artwork,

Egyptian History portrayal in “Yahiya w Knoz” .. Antiquities’ experts: Educational for modern era’s children

Recently, "Yahiya w Knoz" has focused on Egyptian historical artefacts and landmarks such as the Grand Egyptian Museum, Ramses II's Statue, Abu Simbel Temple, and other remarkable landmarks, raising questions

Multi-dimensional perspective on marriage in “El-Harsha El-Sab’a” .. Counselors: Should be solutions-oriented

The initial episodes of "El-Harsha El-Sab'a" caused significant controversy on social media, with many viewers describing the show as a thought-provoking catalyst that made them reconsider decisions like engagement and

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Football matches vs Ramadan series: the struggle for viewership dominance

In light of the great competition between the Ramadan series, and the

By Hassan Ali

Is the Oscar worth it? Critics: Unfair standards based on racism and politics

The Academy Award has always been one of the most important cinematic

By Hassan Ali

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